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Star of Babalon Seal Necklace - The Black Broom

Star of Babalon Seal Necklace

$ 25.00

Our Star of Babalon Pendant is approximately 1.5 inches by 1.25 inches and is cast using only the finest lead-free pewter. The back is flat with our trademark broom logo and the details are quite intricate. The ball chain measures approximately 24 inches long.

This seven pointed star is the symbol chosen by Aleister Crowley to symbolize Babalon, the Thelemic Goddess who is the personification of the Qabbalistic sphere of Binah. The seven points are the seven letters of the name Babalon, the seven planets, the seven "veils," and the seven chakras. The seven pointed star was also adopted by Aleister Crowley as the emblem of his organization, the A.·. A.·. ; known as the Star of Babalon. Babylon is most synonymous with corruption and the downfall of the church, as in the Book of Revelation the Whore of Babylon rode upon the back of the Great Beast to lure and corrupt mankind into the ways of sin. As cited in his autobiography 'The Confessions', Crowley spelt the name of the Great Whore as 'Babalon', as opposed to the traditional historical 'Babylon' spelling, the reason being that the Qabbalistic numerical value of the former was equal to the value of the Hebrew spelling of Mount Zion in the Bible.

Babalon is referred to as the Scarlet Woman, the Great Mother, and the Mother of Abominations. Her godform is that of a sacred whore , and her primary symbol is the Chalice or Graal. Her consort is Chaos, the "Father of Life" and the male form of the Creative Principle. Babalon is often described as being girt with a sword and riding the Beast, with whom Aleister Crowley personally identified. As he wrote, "She rides astride the Beast; in her left hand she holds the reins, representing the passion which unites them. In her right she holds aloft the cup, the Holy Grail aflame with love and death. In this cup are mingled the elements of the sacrament of the Aeon" (Book of Thoth). In a more general sense, Babalon represents the liberated woman and the full expression of the sexual impulse.

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