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About Us

Based in Southern California, The Black Broom was founded in 2004. The name of our store was inspired by one of our grandmothers who kept a black broom near her fireplace to collect the ashes that would accumulate there. As the ashes were swept out the front door, any evil spirits and unwanted energies were as well banished from the home. Banishing in this manner was quite common throughout Germany at the time.

Here at The Black Broom, we are constantly coming up with new ideas, many inspired by our patrons, and creating items which we love and hope you will love too! We are dedicated in offering original, quality pieces (as well as reproductions of our favorite antiques). The opportunity to bring these fine, unusual, niche, and maybe even familiar items to you is our much cherished goal.

The Black Broom is ever changing and growing, and always creating. We cast all of our items here in Southern California. Thank you for visiting and drop by often as we have plenty of new and exciting things in the works!

You can contact us at: theblackbroom@gmail.com
We also have an eBay store: stores.ebay.com/The-Black-Broom
And let's definitely not forget: instagram.com/The-Black-Broom