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Ronove Statue - The Black Broom

Ronove Statue

$ 25.00

This sculpture of Ronove, an original piece manufactured exclusively by The Black Broom, is made of resin with a faux bronze finish. It stands approximately 4" tall. Please note: this item is hand-painted so it will vary slightly from the one featured in our photos here.

In demonology, Ronove is a Marquis and Great Earl of Hell, commanding 19 legions of demons. He teaches Rhetoric, languages, and gives good and loyal servants and the favor of friends and foes. He is depicted as a monster holding a staff, without detailing his appearance. He is also described as taker of old souls; often coming to earth to harvest souls of decrepit humans and animals near death.

He can move objects in a room and is very talkative and friendly. He is a Demon of fire and specializes in pyrokinesis. He gives off a lot of energy and also specializes in languages.

Other spellings: Roneve, Ronové, Ronwe.

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