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Pair of Vlad Buttons - The Black Broom

Pair of Vlad Buttons

$ 7.00

Be the only kid on your block with our Vlad the Impaler Buttons! Adorn a favorite coat with these 1 inch buttons which we have sculpted and cast in the finest pewter. They were inspired by the few images available which portray this infamous noble. Make sure to check out our Bat buttons which are part of our whole amazing line! Each order includes 2 buttons. This is American made, brand new and made exclusively here.

There is so much history/hearsay in regards to the Prince Vlad Tepes. He is otherwise known as the Impaler, Dracul, Bram Stoker's inspiration for the vampire. A hero or sadist, a supernatural being? Who knows? An interesting side-note: he was killed in battle and his corpse decapitated. The location of his remains is unknown. According to some sources, his head was displayed on a steak in Constantinople to prove his death.

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