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Cobra Statuette with Black Marble - The Black Broom

Cobra Statuette with Black Marble

$ 20.00

This little Cobra statuette stands approximately 2.5 inches tall by almost 1.25 inches across the wings. We cast this item using only the finest lead-free pewter. The details are quite intricate. Would make a great piece to add on an altar. Available exclusively here at The Black Broom!

Ancient Egyptian goddess Wadjet was represented as a cobra. The form of a rearing cobra on a crown is termed the Uraeus. It more than any other symbol (like the vulture, etc) was used in ancient Egypt by pharaohs to show their royal status. There are many references to snake deities and associations with gods in Hinduism. Lord Shiva is portrayed with a cobra necklace. Some of the magickal attributes associated with the cobra include hidden wisdom, or spiritual wisdom from the Goddess, protection from religious persecution, strength, Kundalini energy, rebirth, and so much more.

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