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Behemoth Statue - Wood Finish - The Black Broom

Behemoth Statue - Wood Finish

$ 25.00

This Behemoth sculpture, an original piece from The Black Broom, is made of resin with a faux wood finish. It stands 3 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide. This comes brand new!

According to legend, the Behemoth was the largest animal that lived on land. Jewish tradition tells us that it was fashioned from clay on the sixth day of creation. However, the book of Job records that the Behemoth is the first of God's works. In the Muslim tradition, Behemoth equates with the monstrous Bahamut, the vast monster that supports the earth in the cosmos. Demonically, as the name suggests, he was a huge soldier of Satan, usually depicted as an elephant with a big round belly, waddling on two feet. He was the infernal watchman, and also presided over the gluttonous banquets and feasts. It is said that he also enjoyed a certain renown for his voice, being regarded as Hell's official demonic singer.

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