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Baphomet Statue - Medium Pewter Finish - MADE TO ORDER! - The Black Broom

Baphomet Statue - Medium Pewter Finish - MADE TO ORDER!

$ 418.00

Weighing approximately 8 lbs, this impressive figure stands at about 13 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide across the wings and 4.5 inches deep. Made to order, this striking statue is exclusively available here at The Black Broom. 

It is believed that within Lévi's Baphomet, are contained the dualistic nature of life and the male female aspects of creation. The image combines both male and female qualities; one arm masculine, one feminine; the breasts of a woman with a caduceus on its lap; one arm pointing skyward while one pointing down, perhaps a representation of the Hermetic axiom "As Above...So Below". On the right arm is written "Solve" Solution and on the Left "Coagula" Coagulation. These are references found in alchemy, a study that Lévi not only undertook but also wrote about in his books.

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