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Baphomet Medallion with Wings - The Black Broom

Baphomet Medallion with Wings

$ 50.00

This beautiful Winged Baphomet Pendant, an original piece which we make exclusively, is made with the finest lead free pewter. It measures approximately 2.75 inches (including the top loop) and 2.25 inches across. Chain not included. Made in the USA by The Black Broom!

The practice of magic - either white or black - depends upon the ability of the adept to control the universal life force, that which Eliphas Levi calls the great magical agent or the astral light. By the manipulation of this fluidic essence the phenomena of transcendentalism are produced. The famous hermaphroditic Goat of Mendes was a composite creature formulated to symbolize this astral light. It is very similar to Baphomet, the mystic pantheos of those disciples of ceremonial magic, the Templars, who probably obtained it from the Arabians.

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